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Find your Model Employee with a Staffing Company in West Palm Beach

When it comes to properly staffing your company you have your work cut out for you, we’re not going to mince words here. You’re looking for top level employees, and with that being the case you can’t just grab someone off the street and hope for the best. There are many reasons for you to look into a good staffing company in West Palm Beach. You need an employee with a number of different traits and skills which can include:


All Florida Premier Staffing has spent quite a bit of time to make sure our site is easy to use, navigate and simple enough to understand all of the tabs and tasks. Applicants love it because its simple and straight forward. They can find everything they are looking for just by clicking easy to find buttons. Employers love this site because they can post unlimited jobs, and they can easily hand select 25 applicants a month to contact for placement. Only employers can see applicants information with it why everyone loves our site.

All Florida Premier Staffing is the Best Fit for your Company

AFPS is a family owned and operated business. We offer you the best staffing possible through our job board site and recruitment. We want to let you pick you're own employees without having to wait for them to come to you. We let you find the people that are qualified to work for you and this cuts out the process of 100s of job interviews with people who just don`t have the right qualifications for the position. AFPS is the secret weapon that every company needs in there arsenal.

Employers Join Today!

Our site is the most economical for your business and very easy to navigate. We understand your company spends money everyday and we don`t want to break anyone's bank. We are very inexpensive compared to our competitors and offer much more than just job postings. We also offer staffing and recruitment from our site if you are a member. We will do all of the searching and calling you need to find the right staff for you. If your staffing needs exceed our plethora of applicants than we will look beyond them to find the employees your need.

Little Changes Make the Difference

Our web designer has been working day and night making a search engine for employers to find specific types of employees. This way you don`t have to scroll though page after page of applicants. So if you need a CPA all you would have to do is search that specific job and see our many CPA`s available. It makes the employee hunt just a little easier, but will help us all in the long run. If you no longer need to manually scan pages of employees you can use your time for more efficient purposes.

Unemployment Rate Still Sitting at 4.7%

We want to help lower the unemployment rate. To do that we need your help. The unemployment rate is going down about 1% a year which is good, but why strive for good when you can do better? It takes all of Florida to lower our unemployment rate. Not just one company. If you were to hire one more person per year than you already do then that would help. There are many employers in Florida so just one more person would be significant if everyone does it. AFPS wants to help you hire those people. We will help you with every hiring need you have. Anything you can think of we can do.

AFPS is Your First Stop on the Journey to Success!

Here at AFPS we want to help your company become as successful as possible. This is not easy to do if you have lazy or unqualified employees. We want to help you have a business with employees who want to work there. They will want to come to work everyday and do there best, because they are doing something they enjoy. Now finding a career is hard in today's high demand is very hard. We get frustrated and tired of going to dead end interviews, sending in your resume to millions of different companies and not hearing back form half of them. Here at AFPS we get it.

We are Here to Fill All of Your Employment Needs!

AFPS does more than just serve as a job board. We can recruit employees for you. Help you in the search for qualified individuals. We will do everything that the hiring process consistences of. We want to help you no longer have a shortage of qualified employees. Give us a call or email and ask us any questions you have. We will do every step of the hiring process, we will work with you day-in day-out until we find you all of the staff you need. We run background checks and call all previous employers to make sure these applicants are the people you want for your company.

AFPS is Here to Help You!

So many companies out there are looking for qualified employees. Why wait for them to come to you, when we have them all ready for you to hand pick them? So many applications now are online and very impersonal. Applicants get tired of filling out application after application with no results. There are plenty of jobs, and even more employers looking for the right staff. Help yourself, your company, and these qualified applicants find the job they are dreaming of today.

Back to School, Back to Work

With so many people working seasonal jobs, whether it be summer,winter,etc, Those aren`t the full-time, long-term jobs you need. Seasonal work may be good if your in high school, but most people want a stable career and income, while employers want to see familiar faces at the office, not a new secretary every 3 months. At All Florida Premier Staffing & Recruitment, we offer you the chance to talk with top notch employees and great employers. You get to become familiar with your potential employee/employer so that your both on the same page the first day.