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AFPSCeo's blog


What we as a Company have established over the past two years....


All Florida Premier Staffing has spent quite a bit of time to make sure our site is easy to use, navigate and simple enough to understand all of the tabs and tasks. Applicants love it because its simple and straight forward. They can find everything they are looking for just by clicking easy to find buttons. Employers love this site because they can post unlimited jobs, and they can easily hand select 25 applicants a month to contact for placement. Only employers can see applicants information with it why everyone loves our site.

Our first week of being live

We are almost at one full week of being up and running on the web server. As my web developer and I troubleshoot, I am continuing to offer free memberships to applicants that our interested in being part of our family on AFPS's website. We are still working out a few minor things , however non of these little things will hinder you from finding your dream job. We are dedicated in delivering the product that our name stands for and that is to interface top Employers with quality candidates AS YOURSELVES! Please take them time to register with us TODAY!

The wait is over

The overwhelming wait of working with my web design and development team has finally come to an end... This unique platform that took a lot of thought, time , and effort is now being offered to the general job force . We trruly hope that you get the full benefit of hrring the perfect employee for your position and the employee gets their dream job. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.